Casting Heaters

The Cast in heaters are composed of one or more electrical heating elements embedded in an aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, copper-nickel or iron type material with excellent thermal conductivity. The gravity casting provides excellent homogeneity of the casting material and therefore allows excellent thermal diffusion. The regularity of the surface temperature is ensured by a suitable forming. The cast heating elements can be used to surface temperatures up to 750 ┬░ C. Air-cooled cast-in heaters operate with less maintenance and longer life than liquid-cooled cast-in heaters. Cast heaters have usually a longer heater life than other heaters, but the investment costs are typically higher. For testing purposes, a cost efficient sand mold can be used to produce the first couple heaters. Cast in heater offers a high quality and efficient method of heating and controlling extruders, compression molding platens, heat sealers, vacuum forming platens. They are contamination and corrosion resistant and can with stand high temperature and pressures in harsh environments with years of trouble free service. Cast-in heaters can be casted into any shape and size needed, thus fully covering the part to be heated and virtually becoming the part itself. Cast-in heaters are available in a variety of designs and styles suitable for different applications. The heat cool capabilities of Cast in Heaters can offer high accuracy temperature control. The cast-in heaters are made in aluminum,brass and bronze.Our heating elements have long-live time, keep hot better, corrosion resistance and so on.The regularity of the surface temperature is ensured by a suitable forming.In order to concentrate the heat to one direction on the injection face, the other sides of the product are covered by heat retention and heat insulation materials.