Hot Runner Heaters

Hot Runner Coil Heaters also known as cable heaters can be formed to a variety of shapes as required by its many applications. Coil heaters are configured as small-diameter, high performance Sealed Nozzle Heaters that are fully annealed. Spring hot runner coil heaters are used on INJUCTION MOLDING HEATERS and sprue bushings supplying bushings supplying 360 degrees of heat with optional distributed wattage available. Hind Heaters is a well-known manufacturer of coil heaters that are widely demanded in the market due to their high performance and enhanced durability. coil heaters are considered an elongated heating element. With us, you can find coil heaters as a straight cable or formed into different shapes including star wound or spiral wound elements as well as other specialty arrangements. The configuration is mainly formed in a pattern that helps in increasing the surface area, the capability of heat transfer, or in an arrangement that perfectly suits a precise application. At Hind Heaters, we also manufacturer the coil heaters in customized specifications in order to meet the desired requirement of our clients. The cable heaters offered by us are also known as heating cables and come with a flexible sleeve or jacket. The non-metallic sleeve guards the insulated heating element and permits it to form on the surface to be heated successfully. The heater generates an electric current that further flows in the coil. As a result, the heating coil heaters the electric energy into heat energy successfully. It might be absorbed directly in the medium to heat it up or release heat from an open space. One of the best things about our coil heaters is, they are thoroughly checked on different standard parameters in order to ensure their premium quality, smooth functioning, and long service life. The coil heaters offered by us are straight or pre-formed heating elements along with a metallic sheath. Once the coil heaters are formed, they attain a defined shape. They usually have a round or square or rectangular cross-section and are available in a wide range of shapes as well as sizes. It is vital for you to know that coil heaters configurations usually include straight, spiral wound, close coiled, and star wound cables as well. The coil heaters inner and outer diameters offer a huge surface area and accuracy to fit into internal or external cylindrical surfaces, ensuring a high rate of heat transfer. To meet the exact requirements of our clients, we also offer coil heaters in customized options at a very reasonable price. To place your order, you just need to explore our website and choose the right coil heaters, add them to the cart and make payment. Rest leave on us because we will deliver the heaters right to your doorstep.