Infrared Energy Saving Heaters

Electric Nano Infrared Band Heater is one of the best heating solutions for plastic machines which has better structure and higher heating efficiency than the traditional band heater such as ceramic or mica band heaters. Infrared energy saving band heater is called nano infrared heating band, far infrared energy heating band, nano band heater etc. Energy saving nano heaters changed the traditional heating mode, which heat the barrel directly by infrared radiation, rather than heating conduction from the resistance wire to the heater than to the barrel like traditional heaters, and the heat losing badly during the process. The heating efficiency of our infrared energy-saving band heater is as high as 99.8%, which is much higher than traditional heaters, the heating efficiency of which is only around 60%. The construction of our infrared energy-saving band heater is infrared heating tube insulated by aerogel insulation and covered by stainless steel 304 shroud. Aerogel blanket is the insulation materials with smallest heat conductivity coeffiecient, which could reduce heat losing obviously. As the infrared heating tube heat the barrel directly, and the aerogel insulation stops heat loss efficiently, the surface temperature of our infrared energy-saving band heater could be as low as 35-50 deg c.